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homelessHAWC does more than provide primary medical care. HAWC is proud to report the following for last fiscal year:

Homeless Outreach - HAWC’s Outreach team also goes into the streets, the parks and under bridges to find people in need of health care. Our Homeless Outreach Program based on the Homeless Campus on Record Street provided 5,244 medical care visits to homeless children, families, seniors and individuals absolutely free of charge last year.

Creating Lasting Family Connections-HAWC served 159 people last year with parenting classes and group counseling sessions for homeless families and people struggling with the challenges of parenting.

Dental Program-Dental care is a vitally important part of primary health care that is often
overlooked by people living on a very limited income. HAWC’s Dental Program provided 14,475
dental visits to 6,410 unduplicated people last year.

Pediatric Program-HAWC has a recently opened new pediatric wing. Last year HAWC served 5,394 children with 15,134 visits. Because HAWC knows how important childhood inoculations are (and how expensive) to keep our children healthy, we offer childhood immunizations for free; only charging a very small fee to administer the shot. HAWC helped 2,229 children get immunized last year.

Women’s Health Connection- HAWC Community Health Centers provides low-income women
access to pap and pelvic exams free of charge. HAWC helped 610 women last year.

Medical Program-HAWC’s core program is to provide quality, comprehensive primary medical
care to the uninsured or underinsured, working poor in northern Nevada. Last year the Medical
Program provided 44,676 visits to 23,192 unduplicated patients. HAWC offers a sliding scale
fee based on household size and income level; the cost for a doctor’s visit is as little as $40.

Patient Needs Fund-For patients that simply cannot afford care or a necessary procedure,
based on our modest sliding scale fee, HAWC offers them care through our Patient Needs
Fund. Last fiscal year we helped 138 unduplicated individuals through our Patient Needs Fund.

Healthy Breast Program-HAWC provided 345 eligible women and men breast health
screenings, mammograms and biopsies through our partnership with the Susan G. Komen

RX’s Assistance-As a non-profit federally qualified health center, HAWC receives special
pricing from the pharmaceutical companies for our patients and prescribed 46,997 low-cost
prescriptions last year. We also offer, when available, free samples to our patients and actively
promote smoking cessation. Through a partnership with Care Chest 288 patients in need
received $100 towards the cost of their prescriptions.

Health Education Program-HAWC performs health and dental education at local schools and
organizations to increase awareness about the importance of regular check-ups and care.
Individual Sexual Abuse Counseling- Women or Men who have been victims of sexual abuse
as children or sexual assault as adults receive counseling from a highly qualified caring
counselor. HAWC counseled 48 women last fiscal year.

Behavioral Health Program- HAWC Community Health Centers screens clients for mental health and substance abuse issues. HAWC helps patients receive a mental health evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy, as well as traditional case management services through our Behavioral Health Program.

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